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ur approach reflects our commitment to create a small firm of experienced individuals who enjoy helping to build highly successful companies. We look beyond our specific transactional relationship with our clients and focus on helping them achieve their long range goals. We do not assign the management of any client to "associates". Each client is assigned two partners and a weekly review of each engagement is held with all partners.

We listen intently to our clients and, through our investigation of their business and industry, we develop a deep understanding of their business goals and boundaries. An advantage of our extensive experience is that we've seen many business challenges, often in a different guise, but with the same dynamics, which permits us to assist our clients more effectively.

In addition, our partners share a common excitement and interest in constantly learning the new technologies and business models disrupting the industries in which we are focused. These disruptions are both disruptions dramatically impacting companies in a negative way as well as positive disruptions providing new opportunities for companies which act aggressively to use the disruption for their benefit.

We work hard to define each client's needs clearly and design solutions to address their short term challenges and long term opportunities. Having owned, launched, and run operating businesses as well as having extensive experience in financial and strategic issues enhances the quality and relevance of our advice and execution.

In addition, we have created an Advisory Board of outstanding individuals steeped in knowledge in our targeted market areas that we call upon for assistance in our client engagements. These experts provide unique insights, introductions to potential strategic partnerships, and opportunities for our clients.

Most uniquely, we work with the leading consulting firm which is adept at advising companies facing major disruptions in their business, as well as companies that are change-agents creating new disruptive growth models.

Once we agree on a program of action with each client, we develop a detailed series of steps to implement the program. The outstanding aspect of our business approach is that we will not stop until the job is done to our client's satisfaction.

Our fee structure for a transactional engagement includes a modest retainer and a success fee with a minimum amount due at the close of the transaction. Pure consulting engagements are priced on a project basis and an ongoing advisory relationship involves a monthly retainer and a reasonable equity arrangement. Inherent in all of our fee arrangements is our philosophy that the fees must ensure full alignment of our incentives with our client's goals and requirements.