Disruptive Innovation

MAP was founded by four highly experienced individuals who share a common belief that the media industry - broadly defined to include publishing, broadcast & cable, education & training, information content providers, marketing services, advertising, and research, - is undergoing significant disruption.

Based on our substantial experience in investment banking, the media industry, education, and technology, we saw the need for a new specialized investment bank structured to address the problems and opportunities resulting from the current and forecasted disruption.

We realized that companies facing or causing disruption required investment bankers who could provide senior level advisory services, understand the challenges of disruption and who had the commitment and strategic knowledge to assist their clients to capitalize on the disruptions they faced.

We also understood that we had to create a new model that combined consulting, investment banking, and executive perspective.

The final decision to create MAP occurred at a meeting of the four founding partners, Rob Garrett, Mark Holdreith, Jack Hyland and Ralph Linsalata at The Century Association in New York City on July 12, 2010.

MAP's Strategy

Our focus is bringing together the intellectual firepower and implementation skills necessary to assist client companies to optimize future growth through strategic vision and direction, as well as advising on transactions – M&A and capital raising – as warranted.

Our intent is to provide the necessary resources and expertise required to serve the broad strategic needs of each client either ourselves or through the utilization of partner companies and outside experts on as needed basis. We are able to achieve an integrated solution through our management of the process, customer interface and resources.

MAP's Mission Statement

Media Advisory Partners addresses the needs of companies engaged in disruptive innovation, assisting its clients to navigate the severe disruptions resulting from technology and the concurrent changes in consumer practices and attitudes.

MAP also serves those companies which are change-agents in the media, education, and related markets through technology and business innovation. To this end we focus our experience and expertise and that of our strategic partners to provide "C" level strategic and financial counsel and transaction execution (advising on mergers, acquisitions, fund raising) which support and further clients' objectives in managing within the ever changing business environment.

Better informed and more strategic M & A for our clients

Determining what innovative new growth models are viable in support of a traditional company's core business leads to better portfolio management and more effective merger and acquisition strategies. And for new companies bringing change to existing markets, understanding the principles of innovative disruption, and development of sustainable new growth business models can accelerate growth and success.

Advisory Board

Committed to providing our clients with the best possible advice, the partners established a senior level Advisory Board. Noted experts in each of the Firm's targeted areas, who share the partners' perspectives on disruption, have joined to become advisory directors. In addition to our Advisory Board, a network of strategic partnerships with companies and individuals who are capable of assisting companies to manage disruption is in place.